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Bold Hold Liquid Gold®

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8 oz

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Bold Hold Liquid Gold® - 8oz

This is the best and safest temporary hold product on the market!

This product is a glue-less lace product. 

No Longer a hairspray

No aerosol

No Air, all liquid

This product does not contain Alcohol 

Also best used for styling baby hairs


1. Apply small amount around hairline, on areas of the skin where lace will be applied.  Try to do one section at a time. 

2.  Apply to one inch area

3.  Lay your lace on that one inch section and dry with warm dryer until completely dry.  

4.  Go to your next section and repeat all previous steps until you complete the entire hairline.  To remove use water. Clean your lace then reapply when ready. 

Follow our YouTube for video instructions: The Hairdiagram



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