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Classes Offered in Vimeo 

Glueless frontal unit on dome cap

Frontal using elastic band

Two way Frontal High ponytail

Frontal Using ventilated cap

Full Wig unit with 3×5 closure

Full Wig Unit with Bang

Custom Upart Unit

Custom Clippins

Custom Ponytail

Versatile Unit

How to color Silkbase closure

How to bleach knots

Proper Measuring for Wig Unit

How to Set up your Machine

How to do Traditional Sewin (3) type

Braidless Sewin

Ombré coloring Techniques

How to Create Fantasy Hair

Wonder Weave detachable bang

Wonder Weave Mohawk

Wonder Weave Wig glued

Sewin with Lace closure

10 minute Bob haircut

How to Cover tracks for thin hair

The Real Invisible Part

Invisiline side Bang Weave

Boy Cut Bowel Cut Weave

Cut and Color Mohawk

General tips

How to Gain and retain Clientele

And much more

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