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Bold Hold® Active Burst & Lemon Skin Protect - Combo Pack

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 Bold Hold® Active Burst & Bold Hold® Lemon Burst Skin Protect

Combo Pack 

consists of the following

1  - Bold Hold® Active Burst - Alonzo Arnold Edition

1- Bold Hold® Lemon Burst Skin Protect 


Limited Edition Como Pack 


Bold Hold® Active Burst, Alonzo Arnold Edition 

Bold Hold Active Burst, the newest product in our line of lace adhesives, is born of a fantastic collaboration between The Hair Diagram®’s Celebrity Stylist Tamika Gibson and Celebrity Stylist Alonzo Arnold.

In addition to being water-based and non-toxic, Bold Hold Active Burst has a 2-3 week hold and features a key ingredient, lemon myrtle.

Lemon is widely known for its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Our research further showed that Lemon myrtle has additional antibacterial properties that make it highly effective against lingering sweat on the skin. The addition of lemon myrtle to our lemon burst collection means strong yet gentle antibacterial skin protection under your unit, day or night.  

Bold Hold® Active Burst is ideal for applying hair systems and hair units and is humidity resistant and waterproof under certain conditions. In addition, Bold Hold Active Burst does not contain latex and is the ideal adhesive for regular and excessively oily skin, highly active individuals, those who work and live in high-temperature environments, and more. 

Bold Hold® Active Burst is applied white but dries to an invisible layer. This light bonding adhesive will give your clients a superior hold without damaging the lace or the edges. 

IMPORTANT: Bold Hold Active Burst should be stored at room temperature above 32℉ to prevent the adhesive turning solid. Please consult a certified professional for proper application. This product is lab tested and is skin safe for those with typical skin types. However, It is not recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders. Recommend application of Bold Hold Skin Protect before use.

Active Ingredients: xanthan gum, Glycerin, Aqua, acrylate copolymer, nonylphenol ethoxylate (CI 77891 for active)

Superior Hold




No Latex 

Lemon Myrtle Scent

For Excessively Oily skin

Always do a 24 hr patch test for sensitivity before use. See our YouTube: TheHair Diagram

Step 1:  Gently clean the skin with soapy water. 

 Gently remove body oils from the area of application using a face cleanser or makeup wipes.  You may use Seabreeze for a more gentle cleaning. 

Do not scrub the skin; scrubbing may cause irritation upon application of the adhesive. 

Do not apply to broken skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, or overly sensitive skin. 

Step 2:  Always apply Bold Hold Skin Protect

Step 3:  Apply a thin layer of Bold Hold Active Burst adhesive to the skin, up to 7 layers 

Step 4:  Allow adhesive to dry clear between layers 

Never apply while your body temperature is hot. 

Step 5:  Apply Lace to Clear Bold Hold Adhesive 

Dry with a cool dryer and style.


For removal, use Bold Hold Lace Remover

Bold Hold Lemon Burst Skin Protect 

Bold Hold Skin Protect is an antiperspirant and skin shield produced by The Hair Diagram. The new Skin Protect was a Lemon Myrtle additive that has antibacterial properties and a great lemon scent. 

This product creates a layer of protection, blocks sweat, and body oil. Bold Hold Skin Protect should be applied before the application of any adhesive. 

For those with sensitive skin, this product may not prevent all skin reactions from the adhesives. Bold Hold Skin Protect is ideal for use with all adhesives produced by The Hair Diagram. This product is lab tested and is skin safe for those with normal skin. The product should be stored at normal room conditions. Please flush eyes thoroughly with water, if the product contacts the eye area. This product should not be used as an antiperspirant in the under arm area. Please consult a certified professional for proper application techniques and procedures. 


  • Clean and dry the area thoroughly 
  • Spray Bold Hold Skin Protect onto towel
  • Apply directly to the skin where you will use Bold Hold Extreme Cream or Tape. You may do several coats. Once it dries you may proceed to use adhesives or tape.


Counterfeit Disclaimer



We know that when you come to The Hair Diagram®, you are looking for quality in products and distinction in customer service.

So, in addition to striving to provide you with the excellence you deserve, we also ensure that you are not disappointed with a counterfeit and substandard product that does not meet your wishes and expectations.

At The Hair Diagram® we take copying and counterfeiting very seriously. 

If you are concerned about authenticity and want to be sure that the product you buy is genuine and original, please contact us at customerservice@thehairdiagram.com with the resellers name, address and photos of the item. 


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All other seller on these marketplaces are not authorized vendors and may possibly sell counterfeits. 


The following companies are NOT Authorized vendors of our products. DO NOT BUY OUR PRODUCTS FROM THESE VENDORS:


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These vendors are not authorized to distribute our products. We will not do business with resellers that have purchased from these vendors. 







 If you suspect that a website, social media profile, distributor or beauty store has counterfeits or copies of our products for sale, we encourage you to read the following tips:

  • Authorized Points of Sale are not hidden. If you cannot identify the seller behind a website (if you cannot find references to the name, address or contact details of the company or person), there is a high risk that you have found a company or person selling counterfeits. 
  • Abusive terms of sale. Counterfeiters generally also impose abusive or illegal sales conditions, which offer no guarantee on their products. Please consider your rights as a consumer if you suspect you are facing abusive sales conditions.
  • Consider the value of our products. Keep in mind that there is usually a big difference between the price offered by the counterfeiters and that of our Authorized Points of Sale, and of course, this also means a big risk that the product you receive will be of low quality. 

The Hair Diagram® does not guarantee, insure or be responsible for any type of counterfeit products or products that are not made by The Hair Diagram®. If you discover that you have purchased a counterfeit item and have a claim, you should contact the seller directly.

Please report all counterfeit suspects to customerservice@thehairdiagram.com 

 If you purchase counterfeit products please send the following items for possible Reward:

Store Name


Actual products purchased

Photos of the items

        Geographic Regions with Highest Concentration of Counterfeits

The following  geographic regions have the highest concentrations of counterfeit products:

London - United Kingdom

Atlanta - Georgia

Montgomery - Alabama

Houston - Texas

Los Angeles - California

Philadelphia - Pennsylvania

Tampa - Florida

 We will report all counterfeit or pirated goods to the FBI - National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center for investigation and prosecution. 

  Please report all counterfeit suspects to customerservice@thehairdiagram.com  or at Contact US.  

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